André Babusia

Projectleider Bondeko

André Babusia is voor Bondeko in Congo de drijvende kracht. Hij is onze projectleider ter plekke en wordt in Congo geholpen door vrijwilligers. Zijn passie is om te werken bij de meest kwetsbare mensen. Hij daagt ze uit om samen nieuwe mogeliijkheden en kansen te creëren.




If you ask me to say – in few words- something about BONDEKO, my answer is:
“Brotherhood without borders”.

Let me explain a bit what I understand by these words.
Brotherhood is a way of living, a manner of being with others.

Living with heart, and conviction that human being life is precious and have to be promoted everywhere and every time,
Making the experience of a borderless friendship, by sharing the bright colours of every shining heart.
It is an experience in which every human being is special invitation addressed to me
And remind me that happiness can be built together and can be shared.

BONDEKO is a school of responsibility in which we are learning that every human being is my concern and is a continuous marvel
BONDEKO is a peace, joy and friendship opened spiral.
BONDEKO welcomes everybody and is careful and respectful of every human culture;

That’s why BONDEKO is without border and is accepted by all the people meet.


Means that beyond the boundaries of nations (which are normal for order and security), BONDEKO does not accept other form of border among human beings.

The conviction and the underlying philosophy of BONDEKO is that the human being is the focus of all our activities. And because of that it’s possible to build a new universal culture without destroying any specific culture, but to welcome every culture as a useful piece in the mosaic of the new face of the world.

The acting force of BONDEKO resides in that conviction.
That’s why for BONDEKO, it’s possible to collaborate with the same human being to humanize his conditions of life by intervening where dignity of human being is not respected. Therefore, BONDEKO is never indifferent when and where human dignity is in discredit.

  • Where the injustice reduces the happiness
  • Where analphabetism is deadening the people mind
  • Where health and medical care are precarious
  • Where people have potentialities but, for many reasons cannot be productive

That’s why, BONDEKO has reacted in different ways; for example:

  • BONDEKO has organized many sessions and conferences about general human rights, woman rights, and child rights. Penal code, familial code, work code and civil code
  • Have helped many people to face tribunals, courts and fight for their rights
  • Have got liberation of many people unjustly condemned and jailed. And therefore give hope and happiness to entire families.

BONDEKO had made centers of alphabetization for adults. Many women have been able to read and write.
BONDEKO has created and supported a maternal school for many years till the state handles it financially.
BONDEKO continues even today, to supply school materials to poor pupils and pay school fees for some orphans of primary school.
BONDEKO has organized many children’s holidays.
BONDEKO has given a lot of foot balls as his contribution in the education of the youth schools, parishes and villages.
BONDEKO gives every 4 years period a small scholarship to young women who became mothers by earliest pregnancies or precocious and ephemeral marriages or rejected by their husbands or families for different reasons.
BONDEKO has given some music instruments to the youth to help them develop their talents.
BONDEKO has a small library about tropical agriculture which is supplying useful informations to villagers and helps them to increase their productions.
BONDEKO has organized special ateliers in which many rural women have learnt how to make soaps, jams, cakes, from local materials.
BONDEKO has formed masons, mason-assistants, painters, carpenters, motorbike riders, vegetable gardeners who are now honestly earning their life.
BONDEKO has helped some widows to start small businesses or other lucrative activities for their self-reliance and the education of their children.
BONDEKO is fighting the spoliation of poor people by gathering them and creating their selling point as a canteen where they can have within reach, things of first necessity. And where they can sell their production out of the harassments of state taxes officers
BONDEKO has built medical centers and started many pharmacies to relieve the suffering of poor people.
BONDEKO is doing a lot in the combat against starvation and bad nutrition in children side by supplying good vegetable seeds; and teach them to have good vegetable garden around their houses.
BONDEKO is helping many villagers with agriculture work’s instruments.
BONDEKO is always and will remain an apolitical and an unreligious synergy.

And if you ask me who am I in all this?

I say that I am just a priest fascinated by the BONDEKO philosophy of life and always ready to contribute with my availability, time, knowledge, love and good will because convicted that the spiral of BONDEKO must grow because the nowadays world needs courageous visions like BONDEKO.

BONDEKO has helped me to face many difficulties inherent to health, transport, and many emergency moments. BONDEKO is for me, a new family.


André Babusia M. A